33 in the News: 2009

Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, key part of bogus ABC plane bomber story.

33 killed in clashes in Pakistan's restive northwest

Rwanda: 33 Babies Born On Christmas in Kigali

Man, 33, suspected of trying to kill 21-year-old woman

Forsyth residents recycle 33 tons of electronics

9 torturers jailed due to 1 tortured woman's 33 years of courage (story of Patricia Isasa in Argentina)

Between July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2009 nearly 33,000 people moved out of Michigan.

National Christmas toll climbs to 33 in Australia

In the first nine months of this year, the Payment Protection Insurance service for banks dealt with 33,000 grievances-- but banks still breaking rules.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has announced plans to offer the H1N1 vaccine at 33 clinics around the state next month

Governor Pawlenty eliminated program that provided health care to 33,000 low income residents-- poor protest at gov's mansion.

Some 33,000 soldiers are getting a seven-day leave to make a brief trip home before heading out.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will release 333 pages of Michael Jackson's formerly-classified file on Monday morning.

Tiger Woods: "But angry Elin, 27, who could get half his £337 million fortune, is returning to Sweden for Christmas with their two kids."

Expanding Medicaid to everyone below 133% of the federal poverty line is the single most important provision remaining in the Senate bill.

On a 63 to 33 vote, Democrats cleared a key hurdle that should allow them to approve the must-pass military spending bill Saturday and return to the health-care debate.

Section 1333 of Health Care bill has “Nationwide Plans,” that gut state regulations.

33 year old nurse dies after mistreatment in Palestinian/CIA Agent-run prison

Blast kills 33 near lawmaker's home in Pakistan

Market study: Yemen Infrastructure spending to grow 33% by 2013

Kenyan native living in US to plead in scam that duped states out of $3.3M

Pearl prices drop, 33 cultivators stop operating

Nokia N900 MultiTasking in action 33 Apps

"Early in World War II, the 33-year-old Red Army officer Yakov Dzhugashvili, the Soviet dictator Stalin's eldest son, was taken prisoner by the Germans."

Bad Santas — At Least 33 Busted For Open Containers

NYC man gets 6 years in $33M Ponzi scheme

Police end SF State Univ student sit-in over increased fees; 33 arrested

Tiger Woods, 33, had an affair with 33 year old waitress

16 hurt in 33-car pileup on foggy I-5 near Lodi

BC man faces 33 sexual assault charges after girls lured with alcohol, drugs

Surge force of 30,000 going to Afghanistan will grow to 33,000, Defense Secretary Gates says

More than 33,000 items seized in Houston with a value at more than $4.3 mil.

Strange but unrelated: 2 33-year-old Pequannock men accused of stealing from parents

33 Deaths Confirmed As H1N1 in Indiana

Ex-soccer standout gets 33 years for killing dad

Conjoined twins separated by 33 medics

Alkermes Begins Trials for Alcoholism Drug ALKS 33

Wednesday's Tuscan Dinner at Chez Panisse One of 33 Celebrating Slow Food Book

Michigan is one of 33 states where insurance companies are allowed to set annual and lifetime caps on prosthetic coverage.

Airlines have shed nearly 33,000 jobs since September 2008

More H1N1 vaccine in route; death toll up to 33 (Oregon)

33 militants killed in Waziristan by Army, US drones

33% of U.S. touchscreens are iPhones

Pakistan Bomb Kills 33 in Rawalpindi

33 militants killed in S Waziristan

Grand Valley student, 33, identified as Kent County's second flu victim

More than 33,000 cases of A(H1N1) influenza had been reported in China as of Friday...

"The death toll in Saturday’s US drone attack in Bajaur Agency rose to 33 when 13 wounded persons succumbed to their injuries on Sunday."

Madoff associate Jerry Picower found dead in pool-- home and property is worth more than $33 million.

SIEV 33 arrival takes Christmas Island detainee population above 1100

Death toll from Rio violence rises to 33

Tiny dinosaur found 33 years ago

Two deaths among Gila County’s 33 H1N1 cases

The state of Texas has put 334 inmates to death since the start of 1997.

Two die, 33 hospitalized with H1N1 in past week in British Columbia.

Twitter shuts down 33 fake accounts created by state Republicans in an attempt to lambast Dems

Mass murderer dies at 3:35; one victim was a 33-year old.

Bankruptcy for 133-year-old Simmons Bedding company.

UConn football player killed at 12:33am.

Meatpacker recalls 33,000 lbs. of beef tongue

Only 33,000 Iraqi refugees have gone to countries besides US

33,000 patients of Daytona hospital warned after laptop is stolen

Senator Ensign pulls in only $33,000 in donations

US initial jobless claims fall by 33,000

Investigators find flaws in Army body armor and ask for recall of 33,000

French arrest physicist suspected of al-Qaida link-- "The judicial official said the suspect was one of two brothers arrested Thursday in southeastern French city of Vienne, 33 kilometers (20 miles) south of Lyon."

"Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 33,000 to a seasonally adjusted 521,000 in the week ended Oct. 3, the lowest level since early January, the Labor Department said Thursday."

Iran accuses US of seizing nuclear scientist in Saudi Arabia-- Published: 3:33PM

US-- the long-term unemployed now represent a record 33% of the total pool of joblessness.

3,300-year-old sculpture of Nefertiti was installed in the renovated Neues Museum in Berlin.

33 year old woman suffers severe liver damage from taking too much Tylenol.

London-based company National Grid, delivers electricity to 3.3 million customers in New England, focuses on ways to cap greenhouse emissions.

In India, the mortality rate for children under five in the poorest fifth of the population is 92 in 1,000 compared with 33 for the highest fifth.

ABC News Story on "Dead Peasants Life Insurance"-- refers to one policy worth $339,000. Youtube clip uses that segment as "cover page".

"Those are tough words for healthcare workers to hear as they brace for an onslaught of H1N1 patients, but the CEO of Kappler, Inc., a 33-year veteran in the protective garment business..."

Dozens killed and 330,000 displaced by storm in the Philippines

McGowan, 33, a stay-at-home mom ... has read about how pregnant women are among the high-risk groups for complications from H1N1.

"Refusing to be immunized against H1N1 because of the vaccine debacle in 1976 “is like saying a plane crashed 33 years ago so I’ll never fly again,” said Dr. Richard Daines, New York State health commissioner."

Domestic terrorist Zazi attended 33rd Street mosque in NYC

Health insurers have a 3.3% profit margin

Latinos comprise over 33 percent of newly-confirmed H1N1 cases (Fort Lauderdale, FL).

IMF selling gold “in a volume strictly limited to 403.3 metric tons"

Last scheduled space shuttle mission is STS-133; oddly STS-133 and STS-134 flights were switched due to "flight production and training requirements confliction"

330 Pounds of Explosives Kills 33 in Pakistan.

New Jersey Poll: 33% Of Republicans Think Obama Not A Citizen

H.R. 3311 introduced-- vehicle tracking, taxing system

33 yr old dies swine flu in Israel

Murder of anti-abortion protester is 33 years old.

"You lie" congressional opponent initially raises $330,000 with 9,00 donations


Jordan Roth, a 33-year-old producer, profiled in NYTimes.

Justice Stevens may retire after 33 years on Supreme Court

U.S. reports 33 more A/H1N1 flu deaths, 859 more hospitalizations in past week

Michael Jackson's liquid assets: $331,000,000

"For 33 years, Peter A. Rona has pursued an ancient, elusive animal, repeatedly plunging down more than two miles to the muddy seabed of the North Atlantic..."

33 Advertisers Dump Beck After Obama 'Racist' Remark

Rand Paul ‘money bomb’ nets $433K in one day

SkillSoft 2Q Profit Up 33%

Indiana woman gets 33 years in husband's '03 murder

AIG Shares at it Again. Up 33%

33 malnourished horses seized from Florida farm


Swine flu update: Fatalities hit 33 in New South Wales

Grand jury indicts 33 in Orange County, Texas

The "Death Panel" Provision of the Health Care Reform Bill is Section 1233

$133 million per day spent in Afghanistan war.

15m crater on National Highway 33 (India) after fire in coal mines

Bombs in Baghdad and northern Iraq kill 33

33-yr-old Mumbai woman is second victim of H1N1

Police arrest 33 after protests over Islam in Birmingham


Number of Wis. residents on food aid up 33 percent

Zimbabwe Bus Crash Kills 33 People


3.3 billion litres of water lost from pipes daily in Britain

Nine banks paid nearly $33 billion in bonuses in 2008!

IMF’s Executive Board approved transfer of $3.3 billion third tranche of the two-year stand-by loan for Ukraine

David Kelly, British WMD whistleblower, went for walk at 3:30 before getting killed.

33 year old mom decapitates, eats brain of baby

Article on stricter abortion laws in Nicaragua: "33 women and girls died from pregnancy complications in the first 19 weeks of this year"

3 Dems, 3 Repubs (3-3) working to derail real health care reform

Michael Jackson: Star had secretly stashed away £3.3million to buy Las Vegas 'dream home'

Global warming between AD1100 and 1533 helped Incas

Cub Scout wins all 33 activity badges

"O Canada, where health care for all 33 million is free"

"33 killed in heavy rain-related accidents in Pakistan's Karachi"

Google's revenue rises to £3.3 billion

Kan. officials say swine flu cases in 33 counties

A plane crashed Wednesday in northwestern Iran, state television reported. All 168 aboard were believed to be dead. (snip)

The Russian-made Tupolev plane went down near Jannat-abad village near Qazvin at 11:33 a.m. on Wednesday, the station reported. (snip)

Qazvin is the largest city in the province of Qazvin and is its capital, with an estimated population of 330,000.
Review of Dan Brown's writing style-- extreme number of 33's on page, with comments.

Saudi Arabia convicts 330 terror suspects in one court case.

Treasury Prices Soar On Risk Aversion; 10-Year Yield Below 3.3%

Progress 33, a Russian supply ship (satellite), has been secretly tracking the International Space Station.

"the United States has had 33,902 confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus"

Oil prices: "As the global economy faltered, oil tumbled to $33 a barrel in December."

Health Care: "...we’re probably looking at between $1 trillion and $1.3 trillion... it’s less than 4 percent of the $33 trillion the U.S. government predicts we’ll spend on health care over the next decade."

33 New Cases of A/H1NI Flu in Malaysia

"Nationally, the number of Americans who identify themselves as belonging to more than one race has gone up by 33 percent since 2000..."

Canada's A/H1N1 flu death toll rises to 33

Spam email cost 33 terawatt hours of energy in 2008.

"Michael Jackson: transcript of 911 call"-- "Operator: Paramedic 33, what is the address of your emergency?"

Metro subway train crash outside of Washington DC-- worst in 33 year history of the train system.

John McCain interview: "...on the streets of Iran today, where young people, average age 33, are being beaten, killed and imprisoned..."

"33 journalists jailed in Iran."

NYTimes: "Attacks in Iraq Kill at Least 33" -- two different versions:

1st) "BAGHDAD (AP) -- Bombings and shootings killed at least 33 people in Baghdad and surrounding areas on Monday, including a group of high school students on a bus headed for final exams, as violence intensified before a planned withdrawal next week of U.S. troops from urban areas. (snip)

Starting June 30, most of the 133,000 American troops left here will be housed in large bases outside the capital and other cities -- unable to react unless called on for help. The withdrawal is part of an agreement under which all U.S. troops are to leave Iraq by the end of 2011."

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Bombings and shootings killed more than 30 people across Iraq on Monday, including high school students on their way to final exams, part of a new round of violence ahead of next week's deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw from urban areas.

The attacks pushed the three-day Iraqi death toll over 100, shattering a recent lull and adding fresh doubt to the ability of government forces to protect people without U.S. soldiers by their sides. American combat troops have already begun moving from inner-city outposts to large bases outside Baghdad and other cities.

Overall levels of violence remain low, but Iraqi officials have warned that militants will likely carry out more attacks to erode public confidence in the government as the Americans pull out of cities by June 30 -- the first step toward a full withdrawal from the country by the end of 2011.

"There aren't enough Iraqi army and police and they're ill-equipped to confront the terrorists," said Abdul-Salam Mohammed, a 33-year-old car dealer in the former insurgent stronghold of Baqouba, north of Baghdad. "The pullout is not in our interest at this moment because we are still in the recovery phase and not yet cured."

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent, 59, of Texas, entered a federal prison in Massachusetts on Monday to serve a 33-month sentence. He pleaded guilty last month to lying to judicial investigators about sexual assaults of two female employees.

Exxon Mobil Corp. was ordered Monday to pay about $500 million in interest on punitive damages for the Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska... Monday's decision would double the average payout of about $15,000 for the nearly 33,000 claimants.

Iran election-- "The interior minister said Mousavi had won less than 33.75 percent of the vote, giving Ahmadinejad another four-year term in a result that dashed Western hopes of change and set the scene for a possible domestic power struggle."

Prisoner dies from sun exposure in Arizona-- "Arizona's 10 state prisons have 233 outdoor cells for temporarily holding inmates awaiting transfer to punishment wards, medical units, other prisons or work assignments. All four sides and the roof of each cell are made of chain-link fence. Some have coverings that provide shade; others do not."

Americans' net worth shrinks $1.33 trillion in 1Q

Mexico has confirmed 6,337 cases, including 108 deaths, of swine flu.

Car bomb in southern Iraq kills at least 33

Negative swing in Federal deficit since 2000-- about 33 percent of the swing stems from new legislation signed by President Bush.

"Archaeologists have made a grisly discovery in northern Peru, the remains of 33 people who appear to have been sacrificial victims under the Incas."

"The IAEA report also said Iran had increased its rate of production of low-enriched uranium material, boosting its stockpile by 500 kg to 1,339 kg in the past six months."

"Over 500 cadet of Razmak Cadet College were kidnapped yesterday by the Taliban militants news Bannu. Unconfirmed reports indicated that around that militants rounded up 33 vehicles that were carrying nearly 540 cadets and teaching staff and their families."

Air France flight 447 disappears after take-off from Brazil-- plane is an Airbus 330

CIA agent Gregg Wenzel killed in the "line of duty" at 33 years of age

Swine flu cases up to 33 in Greenwich, Connecticut

S. Korea's confirmed A/H1N1 flu cases rise to 33...A 33-year-old South Korean man, who had arrived from New York, was confirmed with the flu infection, the authorities said.

33 year old mother quoted in article on swine flu deaths in NYC.

33 Foot Target in Nuclear Fusion Facility at LLNL

338,000 or almost one in five Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are experiencing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, or major depression as of January 2009.

INDY 500: Field Of 33 Set In Thrilling Finish To Qualifying

1337 is text messaging acronym for "Elite"

Toshiba Expects 33 Nuclear Power Reactor Orders by 2015

"The deficit at the federal agency that guarantees pensions for 44 million Americans tripled in the last six months to a record high, reaching $33.5 billion..."

Sucker mortgage loan is for $333,700.

The collapse of a major polar ice sheet will result in a sea level rise of 3.3m.

Senate bill to cap credit card rates drew only 33 votes and needed 60, fails.

GM stock hits lowest since '33

WHO raises swine flu tally to 33 countries

"Tasty roe put paddlefish at risk." "In 2007, the most recent year of available state data, nine commercial fishermen in Indiana reported catching 3,333 paddlefish from the Ohio River that produced more than 5 tons of roe."

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent of Houston was sentenced Monday to 33 months in prison Monday for lying to investigators.

Pentagon unveils $533.7 billion budget.

The first American died recently from the flu. She was 33.

The government has told Bank of America it needs $33.9 billion in capital to withstand any worsening of the economic downturn, according to an executive at the bank.

The U.S. Department of Education said Friday that 433 public and nonpublic schools in 17 states had been closed because of the flu outbreak.

Because of swine flu, "schools are closed throughout Mexico, affecting some 33 million students."

A man who plotted to kill military personnel in an attack on Fort Dix was sentenced to life in prison and a fellow plotter was sentenced to 33 years by US District Court judge.

"Using data from an experiment (N = 332), we found that individual-level political ideology significantly predicted perceptions of Colbert's political ideology."

"Forty-two percent of Americans now say same sex couples should be allowed to legally marry, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. That's up nine points from last month, when 33 percent supported legalizing same sex marriage."

33 relatives of USS Cole bombing victims receive $13.4 million payout

Man opens plane door at 33,000ft and jumps out

AIG CEO Liddy has 3.3 million in AIG stock

3300 km coastline of Somalia-- home to piracy and dumped nuclear waste. Actually, the coastline is 3333 km according to several sources.

"A series of six car bombings in and near Baghdad killed at least 33 people and wounded scores on Monday, according to witnesses and the police, in a convulsion of violence that underscored the heightened tensions between Sunni fighters and Iraq’s government."

"Investigators said a man was found dead in an apartment about 4 a.m. in the 3300 block of Houston Avenue."

"The United States would continue to develop a missile defence shield until Iran abandoned its nuclear ambitions, President Barack Obama said in the Czech Republic.... Petr Sramek, 33, was among those disappointed that Mr Obama had not dropped a policy that was opposed by more than two thirds of Czechs."

North Korean missile test-- "MIT scientist Ted Postol calculates that the failed satellite appeared to weigh 150 to 200 kilograms (330 to 440 pounds) and was intended for a low-Earth orbit about 550 kilometers (340 miles) high."

US House of Reps approved a $3.6 trillion budget with a vote of 233-196.

"Using CT imaging, German researchers have uncovered a delicately carved face in the limestone inner core of a 3,300-year-old bust of the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, according to a study published on Tuesday."

Reports of Internet crime jump 33 percent

N.C. unemployment rate highest in 33 years

Angel's' Andy Hallett dies at age 33

330 million compact fluorescent bulbs sold every year. (But experts and some environmental groups complain that Energy Star standards are weak, permitting low-quality bulbs with too high a level of mercury, a toxic metal contained in all compact fluorescents.)

Millipore CEO gets 33% pay boost

"When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls"-- "Since he was laid off in December, Mr. Schneider, a 33-year-old interior designer, says he has become a “gummy junkie,” stocking up on sweets every time he shops for groceries."

Florida Unemployment highest in 33 years

A triple 33! "A tractor-trailer carrying 33,000 pounds of corrosive hydrofluoric acid overturned in eastern Pennsylvania early Saturday, spurring evacuations, authorities said.
The acid was spilled at 3:30 a.m. on northbound State Road 33 near Wind Gap."

Matt Taibbi article on financial crisis-- "In the short period between the 2004 change and Bear's collapse, the firm's debt-to-equity ratio soared from 12-1 to an insane 33-1." and "At the start of the credit crunch, around August of that year, you see the Fed buying a few more Repos than usual — $33 billion or so."

Senator Barack Obama received a $101,332 bonus from American International Group in the form of political contributions

The bonuses that the American International Group awarded last week were paid to 418 employees and included $33.6 million for 52 people who have left the failed insurance conglomerate...

UConn women's basketball team is 33-0 entering NCAA tournament

Tremont Capital Management: $3300 million "invested" with Bernard Madoff

Shooting rampage in Germany -- the emergency call was at 9:33 am.

Kennedy earmark in recent spending bill: $333,000 to study any links between environmental pollutants and breast cancer.

Suicide bomber kills 33 near Baghdad.

Iran's Safir rocket has a glint interval of 33.25 seconds

Chinese map of the heavens shown at the British library dates to the 7th century AD and shows 1,339 stars including easily recognisable shapes including The Big Dipper and Orion.

The average work week remains at 33.3 hours per week—the lowest since 1964—when the BLS began tabulating this data.

What Are the Odds of a Depression? ... We also assembled long-term data on GDP, consumption and stock-market returns for 33 other countries...

On March 2, 2009 there were 1033 potentially hazardous (for earth) asteroids.

One of the satellites that crashed on Feb 10th was "Iridium 33".

Several articles linking General Motors and 33:
"When the closures complete by 2012, GM will own 33 North American plants.... The non-binding agreement gives Fiat a 33% control of the company"

"Erhardt, a material handler, has been at the plant 33 years.... Gaile Hobdy, 51, of Akron, said after 33 years at the plant..."

"David Griffey, who has worked at the Fairfax plant for 33 years, said..."

Airbag manufacturer Autoliv: "Collectively, they employ about 3,300 workers".

Russian satellite involved in crash mistakenly said to be launched in 1933. This article says satellite was launched in 1993.

Possible birthplace of Zeus found at "3300 or 3400" year old archeological site.

"The discovery of more than 330 planets outside our solar system in recent years has helped refine the number of life forms that are likely to exist."

Ron Paul introduces bill H.R. 833 that proposes to abolish the Federal Reserve.

33 year-old mom obsessed with having babies, gives birth to healthy octuplets.

The city of Denver issued 33,000 more parking tickets and collected $3.6 million more in fines in 2008 than the year before...

335 Million for STD prevention in Obamaa's Economic Stimulus.

Dow Jones stock average down 332 points on day of Obama's inauguration.

USAir 1549 crash landing-- "at 3:33 p.m., a woman called 911 and reported seeing the plane in the water." Passengers out of the plane at 3:33 pm according to video.

Mr. Bush has now protected more ocean habitat (333,000 square miles) than any of his predecessors.

Twitter: 33 accounts hacked, including Barack Obama's

Dow-Jones down 33.8% for 2008.

33-year-old Israeli soldier quoted in article on the Gaza war.

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