33 and September 11

3 planes crashed into 3 buildings. 3-3.

233 passengers died on the four 9/11 planes, according to BBC. 266 total people died on the planes (66 divided by 2 = 33). 33 crew members died on the four planes according to the 9/11 commission (also here).

The tail number of flight 11 was N334AA.

Extensive number of 33's in this account of the flight 11 crash, and note DAL2433 was one of the flights that noted an early ELT.

Lead hijacker Mohamed Atta was 33 when he officially died in the attacks.

Flight 93 had 33 passengers (not including hijackers).
Life-span of WTC1 = 33 years, 1968-2001

Bush administration in office 233 days before 9/11.

AA77 officially did a 330 turn before hitting the Pentagon.

Fire engine 33 first to the WTC.

Fire engine 331 one of the first to the Pentagon.

Firefighter Kevin Shea, who survived the South tower destruction, was 1st Rotation on Engine 331.

William Rodriguez climbs to 33rd floor of WTC1 to hear "strange noises" on then 34th floor.

William Rodriguez saved Felipe David after an explosion at the basement of the world trade center on 9/11. Felipe survived with 33% of his body burned.

Video of Barry Jennings made for Alex Jones and the Loose Change crew
. Just as Jennings says he worked for the NYC Housing Authority for "33 years" a firetruck is shown going by with a 133 on the engine number. See screen capture here:

NIST analysis of Scott Myers video-- "frames are separated by 33.3 ms"

North tower column set knocked out by "airplane wheel"-- column 330.

Thomas Burnett's (flight 93 passenger) cell phone number: 925 980-3360

9/11 numerology-- 9 = 3 x 3; 11 x 3 = 33

Victim's Compensation Fund-- Kenneth Feinberg was appointed by Attorney General John Ashcroft to be Special Master of the fund. He worked for 33 months pro bono.

DNA tests on 9/11 remains: "The 1,401 people identified include 45 of those aboard the hijacked planes - 33 from Flight 11, which struck the north tower, and 12 from Flight 175, which hit the south tower."

Outer wall of the WTC built of subunits with a 3-3 motif.

Pentagon hit at spot 33 feet above sea level.

AE-911-Truth says WTC7 would have been the tallest building in 33 states.

Flight 175 was 33% full. Also, it reached cruising altitude at 8:33 am.

The ridiculous C-130H plane, called Gofer 06, that witnessed supposedly both flight 77 and flight 93 crashes, was from the 133rd airlift wing of the Minnesota Air National Guard. Nice also that the C-130H has a cruise-speed of 336 mph. Also-- Gofer 06 took off from Andrews Air Force Base at 9:33 am.

33 days before 9/11, Gary Condit, sharks and other nonsense in the news.

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