The Number 33, 9/11, the Freemasons/PTB, and All Things Nuclear

By The Anonymous Physicist

Here I will present a world first. I will connect the code (number 33) of the Powers That Be (Freemasons on one level) to 9/11, and to both nuclear bombs, and all things nuclear. Other events such as the assassination of President Kennedy and the recent VA. Tech killings are also tied in. I should note that each time I cite the number 33, it might only be happenstance, and not anything conspiratorial; there’s no way to prove otherwise in each case. But never forget what high level British secret agent, and later novelist, Ian Fleming had his Goldfinger character say, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.”

Readers who want to know where all this leads should read or re-read what I have written here. If you are new to the deeper levels of the global/historical conspiracy, I would advise you to read much on Freemasons, Illuminati, CFR/Trilaterals/Bilderberg/Tavistock, Jesuits/Black Pope, Opus Dei, Knights Templar, and “Royal” Bloodlines. While my cited article will save you many years, and lead you to the “Ultimate Truth” behind these groups, learning about these nefarious groups, commonly called the Powers That Be (PTB) will help you learn about what I call “the interfacers”— the seeming ultimate powers, until you learn of that final level I have revealed in that article.

I trust the reader knows that the number 33 is perhaps the most “beloved” of the Freemasons. It is the “official” highest degree of membership in Freemasonry— most of whose membership likely does not know these things, and join to get a job, or “lose” a parking ticket. Others have said there may be Freemason levels higher than 33, known only to a few. Now the origin of the importance of this number throughout Man’s recorded history, can only be hypothesized, and is both beyond the scope here, and is not crucial to this article. (You can read clues in my article cited on top; whether it relates to trigonometric relations of the Giza pyramid lengths and angles, the belt stars in Orion, and other matters, is up to you to learn and decide. But it is beyond the scope here, and not necessary for what I will reveal.)

Numerous cities have been built on 33 degree latitude locations, including Dallas, TX, and Baghdad, Iraq. Dallas, of course, is where President Kennedy was killed, and indeed you can find articles on all the Freemason symbols present at Dealey Plaza. Also the month and day add up to 33 (11 + 22 = 33). A recent mass murder, the Virgina Tech killings, by who I coined was the ManCHOrian Candidate, led to 33 official deaths including Cho, who like Oswald was likely just a patsy, and not the shooter. I have found that the PTB were really telling their “fellow travelers” and anyone else who knows, that they were responsible for many things that day. At that same time, the official death toll of U.S. service men and women in Iraq was the double 33 — 3333. And Congressman Kucinich, on that day, issued 3 articles of impeachment (of Cheney/Bush) in his Resolution 333 — or 3333.

Before I conclude with the 9/11 connection to the number 33 and the PTB, I wish to release (perhaps for the first time) its crucial connection to all things nuclear. Now you may know that the world’s first, official, man-made, controlled, nuclear chain reaction, on December 2, 1942, was led by Physicist, Dr. Enrico Fermi, in a converted sqaush court underneath the football stadium at the University of Chicago.

Fermi officially let it run for— “NATURALLY”--33 minutes. Now, IMO, I do not necessarily believe the pile went critical that long. Rather the number is code to all their members, in the highest places, both in the U.S. Govt and their controllers in London and Rome, and elsewhere, that “we now have and control nuclear power.” I conclude this because of several things: These physicists’ instruments told them they were successful likely within seconds; and they have themselves acknowledged that they were endangering the survival of a large percentage of the human population of Chicago with matters that were allegedly new to them. So I doubt it really was run for 33 minutes; and even if it was, stopping it at 33 minutes was code.

In August of 1945, the culmination of the “Manhattan Project” [or was 9/11/01 in Manhattan’s WTC, the culmination?], of which the U. of Chicago experiment was part, took place when the U.S. regime dropped nuclear fission bombs on the women, children and old men living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands died immediately (from the two cities) and many more would die from the radioactive aftermath. Who officially ordered this monstrosity? President Harry Truman who was both a 33rd degree Freemason, and the 33rd President of the USA. You might say a double 33 again. The official story is that Truman, was kept in the dark about “the Bomb” as Vice-President, until President Roosevelt died. This may or may not be true. But never forget where all this leads, so even 33rd degree Freemasons may not know what they are to be used for, until after it happens. Also, in passing, I note that George Washington was a 33rd degree Freemason, and that appears on his tombstone-- above reference to his being the first President of the USA. Other Presidents were 33rd degree Freemasons as well.

The final nuclear matter I wish to include relates to radiation released from low levels of nuclear reactions such as are found in medicine and science, and even in smoke detectors. The original symbol for radiation released from these low level nuclear reactions is the logo which has 3 triangular shaped entities; i.e. 3 3-sided figures, or 33. See this for example. So, I have found, all things nuclear seem to have the 33 associated with them! Informing those in the know, just who controls all things nuclear, on this Planet.

Finally regarding 9/11, we have reference to Freemasons (see the all-seeing eye at the subway station near and under the WTC), and the number 33 in several ways. But one way has apparently escaped virtually everyone. It concerns someone the PTB have proclaimed as a hero, namely William Rodriguez-- the former TV magician, cum janitor, cum Gov. Mario Cuomo press agent, cum janitor—cum hero! And he was not in his usual place (high up in the tower) at his usual time that morning. Now I have detailed how likely nuclear radiation victim Felipe David’s hanging skin was due to heat without fire, in David’s own words. But when the story is told by Rodriquez, fire is added. Here we have Rodriquez, at 4:53, saying “I was on the 33rd floor…” He cryptically describes hearing goings on at the 34th floor, but is afraid of going there, and “few have the key for that floor.” Maybe he really was there at the 33rd floor, listening in on the 34th floor where he cryptically dare not enter. But historically the number 33 has been used to “promote this guy,” or “give him a pass” or “get this religion going around the world, it’s part of our thing.” The last item, of course, relates to the alleged age of death of the alleged “son of God”, Jesus Christ. Those who know the conspiracy matter well, know that similar psyops of the “son of God”, sometimes with “12 disciples” was perpetrated on mankind several times-- besides Jesus, we had Alexander, Horus, Buddha. Alexander was born in 356 B.C. and died in 323 B.C., a difference of 33 years. Now these individuals/”gods”, if they existed at all, and some researchers are doubtful in one or more cases— were not the ones to make the “son of God” claim; others did that—usually much later. Horus was said to be both the son of God and the “Sun God.” The many similarities in the psyops/stories of Jesus and Horus is noted here. And the “all seeing eye” noted above, that is in the subway station underneath the WTC is also known as the “eye of Horus.” Yes, the 9/11 event was likely planned a long time ago! The 9/11 date is itself a favorite of the PTB. Pentagon ground was broken to start its construction on 9/11/42. George HW Bush announced his beloved “New World Order” in his speech before Congress, and the world, on 9/11/91.

Let’s get back to Rodriquez saying he went to the 33rd floor, and looked/heard “beyond” where some important action was going on, that he could not rise to, nor enter. Was the number 33 (and beyond) code in the matter of the William Rodriquez story? Was that floor number cited to “give this guy a pass and promote this guy and his story, around the world and quickly.” Like all things nuclear, like with the assassination of President Kennedy, 9/11/01 was replete with code from the PTB, that the official story is bogus, and hinting at who was ultimately responsible and why.

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